About Me

Marching Band PictureMy name is Lauren O’Kane and I am a college student. I am a Public Relations Major and hoping to eventually make my way into the world of media relations. While I love journalism, television news, PR and all that jazz, I often find myself traveling across campus to another building to spend time with another one of my passions: music.

I am a self-proclaimed college band geek, and I am very proud of it. I find it to be my favorite group of people here on campus. The connections I’ve made with these people have given me many memories…a few of which start with the obligatory statement “that one time at band camp…” While I will call myself a band geek, I also consider myself a stronger; more well rounded person because of my experiences with music.

I moved around quite a bit as a kid, attending four different schools from Kindergarten through my senior year of high school. As I started my awkward stage in those early years of middle school, I found my best friends in the band. Those were the kids who, admittedly, were kind of awkward too, but we all stuck by each other. What I came to love about music is that, wherever I moved, it was the constant in my life. It sounds nerdy, but wherever I moved, I knew I always had my clarinet with me. Eventually, I learned that would help make me some of my best friends.

When it came time for me to go to college, I first refused to do band. I didn’t want to spend my time doing that. I thought I had better things to do, cuter boys to meet, bigger sororities to join… But I had a friend majoring in music, required to do marching band as a part of his degree. “It’s just one credit and it fits into your schedule! Please do it with me,” he begged. I reluctantly agreed and signed up for the class. We agreed to do one year of it, get it over with, and if we hated it, at least neither of us had to go through it alone. It seemed like a decent plan.

After my first weekend of pre-band camp, I got a chance to meet everyone, and immediately became excited to become a part of this family. It seemed so fantastic that these people were so welcoming! Once again, my passion for music, and love for my instrument made me friends in my first year of school.

Now and even then, not all my friends are in the band. I have many friends in my PR and journalism classes and TV station at the school.  But in those first few weeks, that little kick-start of how I made my friends in the band whenever I moved motivated me to write this blog. I wanted to share my passion with everyone else, show you how special this activity can be, let you know the skills you can gain from this and experiences you can pull from, and give you a short glimpse into the life of a college band geek.


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