Beyond Kent’s Campus – College Band Connections

One of my favorite things about being in band is that your bond with the average band geek goes far beyond your campus’ border. For me, it’s been of my favorite parts of being in a college marching band. It’s one of the only organizations I’ve been a part of, that I feel I can go to someone from any school involved in the same thing and feel an instant connection. Band geeks just understand each other, it seems. It’s also a great conversation starter. I could probably talk for hours about why I love using Rico Reserve reeds for concert band, but could never use them in a jazz concert. Or how if I could just find time to get my cork replaced, playing would be so much easier. And down to the petty and girly annoyance of never being able to comfortably wear a necklace without your saxophone neck strap getting in the way. If you’ve never touched an instrument in your life, it’s almost like I’m speaking a new language; but band geeks would understand, and undoubtedly talk for hours with me about it.

That ability to easily make a connection and stick with it is one of the reasons I’ve found myself so involved with college bands. I wanted to base this post around what I’ve done OUTSIDE of Kent’s campus, and show some pictures of the connections that I’ve made in the past three years. I’ve had some really cool opportunities because I was involved in the bands. Some involve marching band trips, and others involve fraternal activities throughout the district. Each connection I’ve made is special, and best of all, was simple to make because of our involvement in the bands.

These pictures are just a glimpse into some of the adventures that I’ve had.

   Image    Image

Image  Image

Image  ImageImageImage ImageImage

Image   Image

Image     Image


Image  Image

Image      Image

ImageImageImage   Image


3 thoughts on “Beyond Kent’s Campus – College Band Connections

  1. I’ve always admired people who had the patience and ability to learn an instrument, and reading your blog it made me realize how much more I do enjoy hearing stories about those passions. Growing up, I was taught classical violin and piano, and although it wasn’t my favorite thing, there isn’t a moment that goes by that I my appreciation grows for those who have gone through years of training with their instrument and the music.
    The pictures that you provided only give reassurance that you were telling the truth. Whenever you see a ‘band geek’ there is always some sort of glow about them, and that glow will never leave. It is near impossible to damper the spirits of a person involved with a band because all of their band members will be there to cheer them up, no matter what.
    Although I must ask a question, were there any times you considered quitting the band? Also, what was your original motivation that made you begin playing?
    While I may not be the most aware to the sort of instruments that are played in organized bands, I was always in an orchestra, they passion you exerted in your post makes me want to sit down and listen to your story. It does sound as if it would be full of excitement, a little drama, adventures and memories that aspire to the future. I am being completely honest about this as well! I sincerely enjoyed your post, and I look forward to hearing what you have to say back

    • Madeline, I’m glad you enjoyed it! My original motivation for playing was my parents’ encouragement and all my friends were joining band. I actually was in choir when I started 5th grade, and all my friends were in band. I realized singing was not my thing, and switched to band. I stuck with it through high school, took lessons, was really dedicated, and before college I was about to quit. I had a friend majoring in music here and he was required to take band, so he talked me into doing marching band with him. I have stuck with it since, and definitely did not regret it!

      • It is fantastic that you kept pushing yourself, even after you considered quitting. After all those years of practice and hard-work it would have been a shame to stop! As well as becoming part of the marching band in college, what an accomplishment!
        I guess you can consider playing an instrument as a life-long achievement. Now that is awesome!

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